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Are We Hungry Yet?

Founded in 2017, Laughing Raven Catering, LLC (LRC) is a product of two individuals who love their family and love feeding people delicious, comfort, healthy and familiar favorite foods.  Our menu is customized around your special events. Events that bring people together for multiple reasons, on multiple occasions. Our creations reflect our foodie soul and we look forward to sharing our culinary design with your pallet.




You get your own meal.

LRC can customize your menu entirely. View our pre-designed proteins, side dishes, desserts, and BBQ pages to see what works for you and your budget. If you desire items that are not listed, please let us know and we will make it! We can modify your meal with vegetarian or vegan options as well. LRC can also accommodate allergy considerations upon request.


Pricing Menu

We have designed our pricing menu to assist you with the culinary plan for your events. Our pricing is modeled around “meals¹ ” per person with a general assumption of a party of 100 persons or less².


Let's get started!


Protein menu button that will redirect you to the protein menu page. Dessert menu button that will redirect you to the yummy dessert menu page. Side Dish menu button that will redirect you to the side dish menu page. This navigates the website back to the top of the browser.

¹  A “meal” is a protein from one of the three tiers, two sides, and one dessert (NOT including the carrot cake) and will include enough sauces of your choice for the meats you have ordered.


 ² Pricing does not include meal delivery. LRC will deliver your meals for an additional cost. This cost will be estimated and quoted upon delivery request and approval.



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